The Hungry Caterpillar Cake Is Making Us Hungry!

Kelly of The Green Turtle Design sent us this ADORABLE Hungry Caterpillar cake using our delectable little cake toppers around the side for the decoration.


We also love the cute little caterpillar on top!  A special shout out to the seller who made it!!  Thanks so much Kelly for sharing!


A Charming Woodland Party

You saw Catrina’s fun little Angry Birds cake here.  Now here’s another wonderful cake she made a few months back for her daughter Avaca!  We love the fresh greens a silvery birch trunks.  The cake looked lively and delectable as well!




Angry Birds!!!!

Catrina, a wonderful customer of ours was kind enough to send a photo of the Angry Birds we did for her party!  The placement was well done and the cake perfectly displayed the birds, don’t you think?  Thanks so much Catrina for sharing!!


Oh and we didn’t get to mention that she also photographed her daughter’s fantastic woodland party as well! You will have to see that in our next post!!!  But here’s more shots of our Angry Birds set.





Decorate it with Cars

A client had a brilliant idea to have her son’s birthday number in the ‘Cars’ logo.  We totally loved how it turned out.  The Lightning Mcqueen and Mater cake toppers were hand cut and pieced together.

Order this at our shop

80’s Part Deux: Ghostbusters!


We just needed to do one more 80’s theme (okay, maybe a bunch more because the two of us are 80’s babies).  Can you put in the mix tape with the “Ghostbusters” theme on it? Order this at our shop


Stay Puft Marshmellow Man wants a hug before he goes on top of the cake




Well these ‘Slimers’ were just about the ugliest things we ever made. And that worked out for us!