Order FAQ’s

If you’ve ordered products from our awesome little shop:Sugar & Stripes Company here, you might have a few questions about your order or our shop.  Never fear, we’ve put everything you needed right here.  If we missed anything please feel free to send us a convo through our etsy shop or leave a comment below.


*Q: I just received my items in the mail. How do I store them?

A:If you’ve received any fondant or gum paste items like:

-fondant cupcake toppers

-fondant cake toppers (figurines, people, animals, items etc)

-gum paste flowers (peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas, poppies, anemonies etc)

-fondant butterflies, animals, monogram toppers

This is how you’ll store them.  After inspecting your order, return them to the plastic they came in or transfer them to a ziploc bag or container.  Store them in a dark shelf somewhere away from sunlight or moisture.  We don’t recommend storing them in the fridge because some items have airbrushed edible color on them.  Humidity in the fridge might cause the color to warp or run.  Also it could soften the sugar.  We’ve tried putting fondant cupcake toppers in the fridge and have found that they sometimes store fine, but in the event that there is airbrushed color on your order, we just don’t recommend the fridge or freezer.


*Q: I ordered wafer butterflies and/or hydrangeas.  How do I store them?

A: Please keep them in a plastic bag until use.  Keep this on a quiet shelf somewhere away from sunlight or humidity.  If you like, you can go ahead and decorate your cake or cupcake with them and store that in the fridge.  These will go nicely on creams and frostings.  But if they touch any water, they will melt.


*Q: How do I stick my wafer items on champagne glasses or on bowls or my fondant covered cake?

A: Use corn syrup as a clear glue for any wafer item. Use a toothpick to dab a bit on the surface you want and then place the wafer item on top. Wafer items will automatically stick to frostings or heavy creams so corn syrup is unnecessary.

*Q: The wafer butterflies ordered were shipped flat.  How do I make the wings of the wafer butterfly flutter upward?

A: Simply use your fingers to gently lift the wings up on the butterfly. The wafer will bend and hold as you do this.


*Q: My items are broken.  What should I do?

A: We can guide you through mending the items so they can be ready to put on your cake.  As decorators and stylists, we’ve dealt with this kind of situation before (sometimes when we make cakes, we drop a flower or a petal breaks off).

How to mend a sugar item:Get a small bowl of water, some aluminum foil (this will help stabilize the mended piece as it dries), and a clean brush. The water will act as a glue.  Brush the water onto the edge of the broken piece.  Rejoin the two broken pieces together.  Adjust the aluminum foil as necessary to offer support to the mended piece as it dries.  Let it sit undisturbed for several hours until use.  Overnight would be ideal.  To help speed the process, blow a gentle fan over the piece.

How to mend a wafer item: Use a toothpick or clean brush to brush corn syrup onto the broken edges.  Rejoin the broken pieces and allow to sit for a few minutes.

Please read our shop policies by clicking the link here : SHOP POLICIES.


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