Decorate it with Cars

A client had a brilliant idea to have her son’s birthday number in the ‘Cars’ logo.  We totally loved how it turned out.  The Lightning Mcqueen and Mater cake toppers were hand cut and pieced together.

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80’s Part Deux: Ghostbusters!


We just needed to do one more 80’s theme (okay, maybe a bunch more because the two of us are 80’s babies).  Can you put in the mix tape with the “Ghostbusters” theme on it? Order this at our shop


Stay Puft Marshmellow Man wants a hug before he goes on top of the cake




Well these ‘Slimers’ were just about the ugliest things we ever made. And that worked out for us!

A Sunny Little Bird Baby Shower!

We were asked to create this cute little Mama for a baby shower coming up.  Now, a few details needed to be added to make this perfect; she is a doctor with an adorable little bob cut hairstyle.  Her party colors are sunshine yellow and light gray.

This was what we came up with:

Since we put her in the shop we’ve had other requests for her to be added in their baby showers too!  Love it!  And to make this just the perfect day, Ricci, our client came back to us with photos from the event!!  Check out the details!

Totally loving the trimming and the cute little banner waving in the back. What perfect attention to detail!

Yay! We love her smile!


The bird cage just makes this even more perfect!

Just love the bows on this!


little bird sugar cookies! adorable

We have our Mom-To-Be cake topper available here!

We’re Featured!: A Gorgeous Mermaid Bridal Shower

We were just absolutely stunned to find this feature in our inbox yesterday morning.  Sarah from Lil Hoot  was kind enough to include our sugar peony  in a gorgeous beach-y mermaid bridal shower she cleverly put together for her bride-to-be friend Ashly.  Check out her feature for the complete details.  She’s done a fantastic job!

What a gorgeous dessert table. See our peony? So perfect!
there’s our peony!! Whoo hoo!